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Nov 2016
do you ever feel like
your friends never cared about you?
like your entire existence never affected them?
hell they probs would've done better without you...
you've annoyed them ever since you met them
and now here you are
still bothering them...
you're probably the cause of their problems
or making their problems worse for them
and you know it
you hurt them so many times
and only came back to you
because you were weak
and couldn't go on without them in your life
you want them all for yourself
because you don't know how to speak
to other people and make friends...
how much longer
til you've broken beyond repair?
a year, a month, or just a few hours?
when will you finally be consumed with despair?
or have you already died inside
and are too scared you'll mess up
and have to explain to everyone that you don't have the will to live...
lelel tired
friendos probs hate me
like deep down they do
I'm so annoying cuz all I do is complain about how I wanna die
zeph the deer boi
Written by
zeph the deer boi  nyc <3
(nyc <3)   
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