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Nov 2016
Falling for someone is pretty destructive.
Seeing their smile.
Feeling the warmth of their embrace.
The taste of the gum they were chewing.
Noticing the way they dot their "i's".
And cross their "t's".
The way they spoke.
Soft and sweet.
The way they smelled of that ****** cologne you hated,
But loved the way it smelled on them.
The color of their eyes,
Of his eyes...
They were brown.
I never knew the color until I looked into his eyes.
I hate that color.
His cologne smelled like cinnamon.
God, I hated cinnamon.
The way he spoke.
Sounded like daggers cutting off rose petals.
God I hate roses.
The way he wrote letters to me.
Writing my first name with his last name.
Giving me false hopes.
And now I can't write anymore.
His breath smelt like his favorite brand of mint gum.
And I could taste it when he'd kiss me.
I ******* hate that flavor.
And, my God, his hugs.
They now remind me of suffocation.
Overwhelming regret.
I don't ever want to be touched anymore.
His smile was the highlight of my days.
But now my nights are strictly shadows.
And now I can't even smile myself.
Didn't you know?
Falling for someone is pretty **** destructive.
Written by
   Michael L, Sisilia and Doug Potter
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