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Oct 2016
The walls around me tightening with every breath.
The only way to survive is being tough and fearless.
Knowledge while I am in there may be what keeps me alive.
How did this happen?
Why must it be?
The officers that control us have families too.
Why dont they feel the fear that lies deep?
Smells are quite rancid as air is stagnant.
Many within live with regret.
Not all of us wanted this.
Please let me out of here, I need to catch my breath.
Where is my blanket and pillow for my head?
Desire for freedom and safety is true.
Please God help me, I'm not sure what to do.
Thinking inside here is not always healthy.
Dark ideas find their way in to our heads.
Is this the right way to teach us to change?
Please can you help us find our way from this range?
I am just imagening and writing what people must feel. Never been in jail.
True Passion
Written by
True Passion  Toronto
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