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Oct 2016
I have always loved that word
It conjures up in my mind
An image of something outrageous
Something bold and
therefore something beautiful.

I have always loved
the sound, the tone and the beat
of that word

It peps me up
to rebel against the norm
to ask awkward questions
to challenge we-know-it-alls!
to throw off all my guards
to smell some freshness of air
to give a **** for what 'they' might think
to enjoy and relish the cool of my own confidence

And the very best thing
about being audacious is
that look on 'their' faces
When 'they' get the
first taste of my audacity.

Oh ! don't I love that look on 'those' faces
the jaws dropping
the eyebrows raising
the faces frowning
the lips curving to form a crooked smile

All in a state of shock of seeing
the order of the day
the business as usual
ruffle, shake and dwindle
and most of all of seeing me
have (also) the
to enjoy and love it all !!!
Bhakti Lata
Written by
Bhakti Lata  Sydney, Australia
(Sydney, Australia)   
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