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Oct 2016
A pretty face for whom we once knew,
When what has grown glorious has decayed too soon,
And shall we silently bid adieu, for that unknown,
But a beloved face, doth she has, 'fore the glimmering moon.
Amidst then shall we let caged birds fly free,
In the unbounded winds of dear Madison awaits,
Where we shed our trechered lingerings of her unreturning heart,
And rests our unsobered minds in inevitable fate.
Where shall neither man nor wo may by daylights kiss.
And too may we, by her presences and impeccable glee, miss.
What is love but the freeing that of which we love,
In by due time, shall we have neither love nor mind.
Where her beloved eyes haunts us until the end of time.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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