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Sep 2016
You are not the you you think you are
Huddled close behind the scars
Out and in and out again
Still mist and fog filled frailty thin

We are not the ones we claim to be
All boasted brash and broken free
Caged, released and caged again
Our chains have traded rust for skin

It's not the place it was before
Hope and hallowed winter worn
Back and forth and back again
It cannot be it's never been

I'm not the me my words portray
Subtle perched in sainted shame
Lost and found and lost again
Make believe still not pretend

Allow me to untangle
The truth and the fable
Only the one fully himself,
Who fully "is" can fully help
This state that finds
Us undermined
So in the throws
We hide our eyes
So out of sorts
Our thoughts unwind
And fill our minds
With wastes of time

But lost and found
Abstractly bound
Can come to mean
What's seen unseen
In place of finding
release the chase
Tune the rule
The walking race
I'm not the me
I'm something else
I know the one
who knows himself
Thomas James Hogan
Written by
Thomas James Hogan
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