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Sep 2016
One thing I realized
Life is a complicated foe
It changes so fast
Not always you reap what you sow

It's there and the next moment it's not
It's impervious and transient
Just like sand in a kids hand
Slips down become insignificant

Some times even time is
Incapable of healing wounds of past
Even the ***** of memory
Hurts , give pain that long last

Just a single accident is enough
To vapour all faiths and perceptions erases belief,leave us numb
Further degrades the degradation

People leave us alone
To fight with the fears
alone to rise alone to fall
No one to wipe off tears

Left ... just like that
no question asked none answered
Without any classification
Not even once remembered

This silence kills
And the sound stings
Scared to close eyes
even to blink

This emptiness retaliated
This feeling is ajaring
Wrong are the common sayings
Not every end
                     A happy ending..
Written by
Anna  Noida
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