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Aug 2016
i love you isn't a strong enough word
it can't articulate how my heart flutters every time i see your face
or that when your arms are around me nothing in the world could be wrong
it doesn't describe the longing i have every moment that we're apart
or how i'd rather die than spend a single minute without you in my life
i love you does not contain the emotions i feel
it can't imagine the bliss that exudes when you kiss me on the forehead
or the giddiness of when you pull me in close and hold me like you'll never let go
it doesn't understand that kissing you feels more important than breathing
or all the ways you feel like home
i love you just won't work
there aren't enough letters in the alphabet to explain the way my heart beats for you
or the fear that festers inside and drives me insane when i think of you leaving
i love you will never be enough to make it clear how much you mean to me and the worth you've added to my life
but if you give me the chance i'll spend every day trying to make you understand
Niki Elizabeth
Written by
Niki Elizabeth  F/wonderland
   Doug Potter, --- and Gary L
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