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Aug 2016
I know
you must go
but before
you do—
please understand
that this knowing
and feeling of
                       y o u
even before we met
was never limited
                     to this place
it is a continuum
    on the spectrum
        of time and space
that power
of seeing into the soul's eye
recognition of spirit
talking straight into "I"
gentle wisdom, soft words
with burning truth
hard lessons learned
from the echoes of youth
reaching out, into skies
  voices in the night
ready to battle enemies
for each other's spirit-fight
       and no matter
           where you go
into the dark , into stars
I am here. You are there.
A couple million miles,
but not really so far
I will always
         listen to it..
that quiet vibe
beneath the surface
and I know that sometimes
changing place
is also changing purpose
So, yeah, while I will miss seeing
the letters of your name
that is not the real essence
that is not the aim
A slight switch for you
                          in direction,
but on the same road we stay
let's face it:
Our hearts
are bound up
with each other
For my friend P.
Lora Lee
Written by
Lora Lee
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