Jul 2016
Now comes the night and the veil is drawn to a close. The mortal shell is dispensed with and the final secret is revealed. Hearts stop for fear of the unknown, oh the sword of the reaping has come. In faith some go forth, others in sheer terror. For those who believe, it is but a passing, but for others a horrific tale of woe. At the moment that your last breathe is drawn, you now face the reality of what you hold most dear. All thoughts of family and friends are set aside, all mortal pursuits are forgotten. In this moment, you are tested and made to know a truth. The truth of your own self is brought upon you. When death comes will it sting or bring sweet release. Only the individual can say for sure. The one thing that is certain is that all people will face the end. How that end will be dealt with is up to each of us alone.
James M Vines
Written by
James M Vines  Atlanta Georgia
(Atlanta Georgia)   
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