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Jul 2016
my mind is fickle
constantly changing

some that know me
might say that i am indeed
the most annoying person
they ever met

and some others
might say i'm a kind one.

my mind is volatile
it never sticks around
you might say i'm a calm person
the next day
the most turbulent person
on the entire planet.

hypocrisy maybe?
i don't think so.

a hypocrite doesn't have a stable stance
they tend to be fake
towards others
and towards their own self.

i'm everything but fake
and i know exactly who i am.

i'm ever-changing
and i'll always will be.
recently, my mind is going empty. i cannot focus in my studies and i feel empty all the time. i cannot even think about one single poem.  i guess i need a catalyst to start writing again so here it is,m sorry if it's so stupid.
Written by
complexify  Earth, unfortunately.
(Earth, unfortunately.)   
     ---, ---, ---, --- and complexify
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