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Jul 2016
The world seems apathetic to
The agonies of those who live
In remote countries; deaf to
The cries that scorch the weeping wind.

It’s time that we open our eyes
& understand that terror happens
On every corner of the map,
Not simply nations close to home.

It’s time that we open our hearts
& learn to sympathize with all
Casualties of disaster,
Regardless of their differences.

It’s time that we open our minds
& realize solutions for
The suffering are well within
Our reach, but only if we want them.

The human race can overcome anything,
But only if we stand together as one.

A prayer to Baghdad;
A prayer to Istanbul;
A prayer to Jeddah;
A prayer to Dhaka.

And anywhere I may have missed.
Though the message is a bit "cliche," it's something I think we should keep reminding ourselves of none-the-less.
Alan Brown
Written by
Alan Brown  M/California
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