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Jul 2016
Awakened to the smell of ash and sulfur
This place, a reminder of our sins
Dark figures dragging me down a narrow corridor
The heat rising
Screams audible now
Choking on the fumes
A light at the end
But not one of hope
Eyes adjusting to the sights around me
The brimstone beneath me singes my feet with every step
A sprawling lake of fire before me
Agonizing cries of the mangled souls trapped down below
Tossed over the edge
My body chars and burns
Reforming and destroyed again
It won't end
Doomed to an eternity of suffering and misery
Begging, pleading for it to stop
The twisted demons, they enjoy it
Fueling their hate and malice
Lucifer atop his throne
Admiring his cruel design
This is my final destination
This is Hell.
Written by
Hunter Stewart  West Monroe L.A.
(West Monroe L.A.)   
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