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Jun 2016
Everyone told you
That growing up meant
Being free
Being yourself
Yet they somehow forgot to mention
That the feeling
Of suppressing yourself
Of locking yourself up
Never truly goes away
Past insecurities
Past self-doubt
All come rushing back
Like a tidal wave right before the crash
You've tried too hard
Now people think you're weird
You've tried to little
Now people think you're just lazy
You want to try new things
Meet new people
But meeting new people
Was never what you expected
They are cruel, vile beasts
Ready to attack at one sign of weakness
Rip your flesh out
But save your heart for last
So you feel every last ounce of it
No matter how hard you struggle
People will only see the surface
And once you're tagged
There's no escape
Because they will find you
Torture you
Until that one insecurity
Turns into thousands
And what's left?
Of you?
Of them?
Of your heart?
When people tell you
To grow up
Tell them
That you're staying
Right where you are
Planted in the ground
Because who really needs to grow up?
Em or Finn
Written by
Em or Finn  Non-binary/PA
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