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Jun 2016
Hello, I'm

Very pleased to meet you, it's just
you can't see it underneath my chronic "resting ***** face."

I've actually been told that it's more of a chronic "sad and brooding" face, but, I'll take what I can get.

Some things you need to know before dating me are

I do like long walks to the bottom of the ocean,
and I spent most of my childhood under bridges. I know what it's like to walk with two left feet - or no feet at all, so to speak.

I smoke cigarettes when I'm sad because I like the feel and when I was a teenager, I wanted nothing more than to be Morrissey when I grew up.

Plot twist:
I grew up, and I'm still not Morrissey.

But I can write you a mean love poem, and I'll do it on many occasions, even if I'm just meeting you. There won't be a second when I'm not falling in love with something, and, to be honest, I don't know how to live with (or without) that feeling.

I guess I'll just fall in love with trees, then
or something inanimate
to break my fall.

But in the meantime, some things you need to know before dating me are

That there are often days where I can't even stand to face the wind that greets me
and I flinch at every turn when I hear noise.
I'm more timid than I look and yet
I find comfort
in dark things, a fake sense of the macabre
and a firm grasp of words, see

I could make anyone want to want me
I just don't care to
because people are ******* terrifying.

And, in the end
when my star burns out,
all that is left in the center
will be old words
and photographs.
Number 5 - a spoken word piece. Inspired by Jamie Mortara's piece by the same name.
Written by
-  Anywhere
       camila, Jocie, Alleigh Peterson, ---, Scotty and 5 others
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