Scotty Oct 2017

If Monet or Van Gogh could paint with the stars
They still couldn't create such beauty as the smile that you wear
And if Dechamp or Bartolini could sculpt with the moon
The beauty that they mold still wouldn't quite compare
If Chopin could conduct a symphony with the winds of the night
I'd take the sound of your whispers over the evening air
And if Neruda wrote of love with the skyline's light
It still wouldn't be as sweet as that heart that you bear

Scotty Oct 2017

I was starring down at the ground beneath my two left feet
As I asked her for this dance with words that stumbled past my teeth
She looked up at me and smiled...
My heart skipped another beat
And without a word, she took my hand and walked the floor with me

Scotty Jul 2017

I squander my potential
My future's been drawn out with overused stencils
And chewed eraser tips at the ends of #2 pencils
What do I got going for me?
But good vibes projected by fake smiles
Questions of what's in store besides spills in every aisle
What did 25 years make of me?
Well every right turn
I took a left
And now I'm stuck walking this world aimlessly
So what's my worth?
A loose cigarette and ball of lint
I held great aspirations
But I don't know where the fuck they went

Scotty Jul 2017

Words of how coffee shop romance is outdated
We were Percocet popping and getting all the way faded
She has a man...
I have a girl...
Our backs turn on what's jaded
We had a plan
We'd leave this world
As our eyes dilated

A mess so tempting
Something like a fifth of sweet rum
Cottonmouth kisses
Decorated in weed crumbs
Guilt only follows when need comes
But we hold eachother's hearts
In the places it bleeds from

Scotty Jun 2017

Emerge from out the under earth
We're stocked different
We walk different
We talk different
An attic of loose screws and cogs missin'
We're ox driven
Barbaric in a certain sense
Hell bound
Though above ground
I've found that we lack a certain pertinents
Trying to walk the same streets
The same cracks we sleep beneath
Attempts to blend
Though we still bend beneath their feet

Scotty Jun 2017

Fingertips grinded down to the bone from my last climb out of this pit
This time is different...
The light seems almost none existent this time around
Just a mere silhouette of what could of been of me
Ive been feeding off of the devil's plate
Freezing the muddy veins beneath my skin
The only voices heard are from the forsaken beneath me
Whispers to lure me closer to the seventh circle of hell
"Is this it?"
My voice fades beneath my breath
Holding my final gasp of air to hear my heart beat

Scotty Jun 2017

It took me one month to fall for her...

Two months to ask her out...

Three months to realize that she is the best part about me...

Four months to think that someday Im going to marry this girl

Five months...  she walked away

Six mo...

Nine mon...

Eleven mont...


Fourteen months to realize that she's never coming back

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