Scotty 2d
There ain't a mantra to repeat that

could steady this breath

Nor a book of beliefs that

could keep me in check

For all I believe in is me

And that ain't much to believe in

If doubt's a betrayal of faith

Then I am guilty of this treason
Scotty Oct 12
Class is in session
The words will be read from the over head projection
I'm talking so over heads
the best hands couldn't catch em'
I'm talking so over heads
one would think it was protection
Any questions?
Well then let's get started with the lessons

Chapter 1: Depression

The chemicals in my brain seems to totter on a tight rope
I see the rain clouds hover even when I have my eyes closed

Darkness falls upon me
The rope decorates the awning
And the autumn leaves will no longer be the only thing that's falling

Chapter 2: Drug Abuse

When my scars tend to hurt a bit
I'll use my future as a tourniquet
You know...
Stop the blood
Inject the drugs
It rids the pain
I'm sure of it
I mean...
Even Dr. **** explained these facts to be true
And that a$$hole has a PHD in "Destroying Our Youth"

Chapter 3: The Art Of Greed

If it's not in my lap then I have to have it
And whatever's in my way is now collateral damage
So keep a mirror close and make it a habit
For if your back's of my benefit
I would undoubtably stab it

Chapter 4: Living Poor

Nostalgic thoughts of that front door
Back when eviction letters turned into decor
We shared a sheet between four on a bedroom floor
We had each others love, a roof above, and not much more
Living beneath candles lined across the dusty mantle
For who I am today is from those many years in shambles
But I wouldn't quite say that we ever grew up poor
For we had all we ever needed beyond that letter covered door

Chapter 5: Love or Lies

She placed our hands upon each others chest
And said,
"This is where love lies."
Then the day came where she upped and left
Leaving a half page letter of her goodbyes
My words muttered past my breath with my hand upon my chest
"This is definately the place where love lies."
Scotty Sep 26
It seems hard to pen my heart with my attention span
How it starts and stops at any spot that I stand
And the minds getting cloudy from the pills in my hand
Earth spins when I'm high but is still when I land
Well then f**k it...
I mean I ain't really got a plan
I ain't no Edgar Allen Poe
I ain't no Pablo or a Stan
I'm just ME
Scotty Nakatani off a xan
With my thoughts shakened up
Like I dropped them in a can
And I couldn't make a straight line
With an Etch-A-Sketch, man
For anything that's in my grasp
Tends to shake within my hands
So I guess that's it...
Another poet far from being grand
As the ******* bin will forever be my one and only fan
Scotty Sep 18
Brace yourself as I tuck the legs for the cannonball
Been wide awake for days and my head aches from the aderalls

But it's when my pens the sharpest

Face against the carpet

Carving broken hearts past the margin like Im a ******* artist

Nights have me prying through the past for the enemy
A pain to lean this haggard heart against like it's a friend to me

Self loathing extremities

Self indulged remedies

Lack the answers when asked what the past really meant to me

These cigarettes got this ******* coughing up a lung
Head as haphazardous as a t-rex with a Tommy gun

A third eye that is barely open

Throats dry so prepare the potion

Cellophane to take this rotted brain to the nearest ocean
Scotty Aug 30
So I met this sweet beautiful girl at the coffee shop the other day
Who am I kidding? It was at a Starbucks. But then again it would be cliche if the scene took place at a local coffee shop. Or maybe it would be cli... nevermind. I digress.
So this girl
Sweet as can be
With Auburn hair and a smile as seen on T.V.
"I'm Jasmin by the way.
I just moved into this podunk town.
I was wondering if this evening you could possibly show me around."
She was flirting with me, right?! I mean she has to have been! But why? Maybe she's just luring me in so she could rob me in the night.
Hmm... Nah, she digs me

"I'm going to regretfully decline
And it has nothing to with you
But all to do with a chaotic me
For one thing...
I have over an 8 year sentence stashed in my Mazda 3
I haven't slept in days so the earth wobbles beneath my feet
And I've been abusing all my product so my pockets have been on E
Plus my last girl was crazy and her hobby was to cheat
So my trust for anybody begins and stops at my feet"
**** it! I'm spazzing out again. And the jeans I didn't wear today are holding my qualadapines!?
"I'm sorry what I meant to say was...
She was a real ***** with a heart as cold as that mocha frappacino with a splash of dolce that sits in your beautiful hand
I mean... I once had a conversation over the phone with her about narwhals vs piranhas while she was in bed with another man."
Too much information, *******
"Also if you haven't notice I'm a bit of a basket case
And if I dont silence the voice in the attic he'll take over the f$%king place
So I'm sorry but my life right now has no room for another.
Filled with **** stacked so high that's it's impossible cover "
Scotty Jul 10
My girl's a ******* ******
****, where do I start?
Manson with insanity
Dahmer with the hearts?
Everyday I wake up praying that her meds help
How ironic...
A vegan has got me walking on eggshells
For she's quick to switch
A crazy *****
And I don't even like to use that word
But if the shoe fits...
Then **** it
You bet I'm going to hit that nerve
She cheated and lied to me countless of times
Yet she's as clingy as my moms with that third glass of wine
Calling me an addict
While she's elbow deep in my stash box
Stealing all my coke
Just to turn into ***** rocks
For ***'s sake!
What's it going to take?
A man can only bend so far
Before he breaks
This relationship's like juggling chainsaws with my eyes closed
But I couldn't spend a day without the broad...
I guess that makes me the ******
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