Apr 7 Scotty
i will lay you down
in a field of yellow poppies
where the hooves of deer
bend the rolling grass
and dancing branches
thatch an emerald canopy
of pale trees interlaced
with braids of sun

with a whisper nature speaks
in the language of flowers

hush, there is warmth
in my breast and love
on my mouth

spring has come again
Scotty Apr 7
I ain't got much to bring to the table
But I could hold you up when you're feeling unstable
I ain't got a fancy car or money in the pockets
But if your eyes are to the stars
I would build you that rocket
And if it's a song you want to hear
Well I sound funny when I sing
But I could attend to those ears
With the strumming of these strings
And if you're starring at the stormy skies awaiting that rainbow
I couldn't please your eyes
Though I could be your raincoat
What I'm saying is...
I ain't got much but these feelings in my chest
So if you're searching for that love
I would give you my best
Scotty Mar 25
She entered my heart with the gas can in hand
Doused the shit
Flicked the cig
And she ran...
Scotty Mar 17
She asked me if I ever wrote about us
I thought, there's nothing poetic about her being on some ho shit
I cracked open my ribs to present her my heart...
She just cracked a smile as she broke it
She reopened every scar I carried on my chest
And threw away the thread I use to sew it
She said I need to try to forgive as well as forget
But the past paints our future so hopeless
So if she ever asks me again if I ever wrote about us...
Well I could just tell her that I wrote this
Scotty Mar 14
I live in an attic of loose screws holding on by their stripped threads
And beneath the dust and molded beams lives my demons intertwined in webs
Memories and regrets will forever sit on those dusty shelves
And etched along the wood are a lifetime of cries for help
It's bound to collapse...
So be wary where you step
And be careful how you speak for it may fall at a single breath
Scotty Oct 2017
If Monet or Van Gogh could paint with the stars
They still couldn't create such beauty as the smile that you wear
And if Dechamp or Bartolini could sculpt with the moon
The beauty that they mold still wouldn't quite compare
If Chopin could conduct a symphony with the winds of the night
I'd take the sound of your whispers over the evening air
And if Neruda wrote of love with the skyline's light
It still wouldn't be as sweet as that heart that you bear
Scotty Oct 2017
I was starring down at the ground beneath my two left feet
As I asked her for this dance with words that stumbled past my teeth
She looked up at me and smiled...
My heart skipped another beat
And without a word, she took my hand and walked the floor with me
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