Scotty Jul 10
My girl's a fucking psycho
Hell, where do I start?
Manson with insanity
Dahmer with the hearts?
Everyday I wake up praying that her meds help
How ironic...
A vegan has got me walking on eggshells
For she's quick to switch
A crazy bitch
And I don't even like to use that word
But if the shoe fits...
Then fuck it
You bet I'm going to hit that nerve
She cheated and lied to me countless of times
Yet she's as clingy as my moms with that third glass of wine
Calling me an addict
While she's elbow deep in my stash box
Stealing all my coke
Just to turn into crack rocks
For god's sake!
What's it going to take?
A man can only bend so far
Before he breaks
This relationship's like juggling chainsaws with my eyes closed
But I couldn't spend a day without the broad...
I guess that makes me the psycho
Scotty Jul 1
Ripped pages from this fairytale are as deceitful as the reasons behind them
And yet you still want to speak of our love
Talking about how we've built this relationship from the ground up
And paved a foundation out of concentrated trust
Sweeping your disloyalty under the rug
As if every day I'm not tripping and toppling over the lumps

So what are you going to tell our kids?!
How mommy and daddy moved like a couple of lovebirds?
Or how mommy cheated on daddy and made daddy feel like a sucker?
So don't speak of the many times that I've swept you off of your feet
Without speaking about the many times you pulled the ground from under me
Scotty Jun 23
My thoughts are hardly attached to my heart
Probably the cause of every bridge I walk across to fall apart
Well hell...
You could tell it was doomed from the start
For my depression is progressing
and my anxiety level is off the charts

So what am I to do when I'm consumed by the man within?
Feeding off rocks and vodka shots topped at the brim
No cries at my demise for when I die...
It'll be for my sins
I'm running from a life filled with nothing
Chasing something grim
Scotty Jun 21
This addiction is top heavy
I'm shaky
I'm not steady
I'm crazy
The thoughts get me
I'm breaking
The rocks test me
And well...
I've yet to react to my momma's words and
I can see she's aware that the problems worsened
She's hurtin'
I went from her baby to a burden
And Deaths around the corner i can feel the fucker lurkin'
You see, my demons don't knock anymore
They just burst in
Leaving little white lines in the shape of a serpent
The greater this addiction makes me less of a person
Until this shit show comes to an end...

Ready the curtains
Scotty May 18
What to do with no excuse when I'm looking for that raindrop
Trying to make a move with my eyes glued to the game clock
Shame shocked
Stutter steppin'
Still stuck in the same spot
Im used to an easy way in
But now the lane's locked

Go ahead...
Put me on that front cover for all my friends and folks to see
Titled "Failure"
Hell, take a another disappointing quote from me
For my friends won't fret...
They'll say "Well that's how it's supposed to be"
And my folks can't stress
For they don't even notice me
Scotty Apr 7
I ain't got much to bring to the table
But I could hold you up when you're feeling unstable
I ain't got a fancy car or money in the pockets
But if your eyes are to the stars
I would build you that rocket
And if it's a song you want to hear
Well I sound funny when I sing
But I could attend to those ears
With the strumming of these strings
And if you're starring at the stormy skies awaiting that rainbow
I couldn't please your eyes
Though I could be your raincoat
What I'm saying is...
I ain't got much but these feelings in my chest
So if you're searching for that love
I would give you my best
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