Scotty Jun 29

Emerge from out the under earth
We're stocked different
We walk different
We talk different
An attic of loose screws and cogs missin'
We're ox driven
Barbaric in a certain sense
Hell bound
Though above ground
I've found that we lack a certain pertinents
Trying to walk the same streets
The same cracks we sleep beneath
Attempts to blend
Though we still bend beneath their feet

Scotty Jun 20

Fingertips grinded down to the bone from my last climb out of this pit
This time is different...
The light seems almost none existent this time around
Just a mere silhouette of what could of been of me
Ive been feeding off of the devil's plate
Freezing the muddy veins beneath my skin
The only voices heard are from the forsaken beneath me
Whispers to lure me closer to the seventh circle of hell
"Is this it?"
My voice fades beneath my breath
Holding my final gasp of air to hear my heart beat

Scotty Jun 19

It took me one month to fall for her...

Two months to ask her out...

Three months to realize that she is the best part about me...

Four months to think that someday Im going to marry this girl

Five months...  she walked away

Six mo...

Nine mon...

Eleven mont...


Fourteen months to realize that she's never coming back

Scotty Jun 19

Cue the tiny violins...
For there he goes again
Moping and self loathing
Hoping they will notice him

His pen??...
Pfft.. It may be rude of me to say
But every time he writes
A body flips in Neruda's grave

I bet he writes third person poetry when he's by himself
Writing of dramatized pains that no one else has felt

Or maybe...

Hidden within the lines
And over thought shitty rhymes

He's just another broken cat crying out for help

Scotty Jun 13

I'm strung out again...
The trash ridden streets
My reflection
Starts to blend
And I'm so alone
And I'm not asking
For forgiveness
Just a little bit of hope
That someday...
That one day...
You'll ask me to come home
And I can speak of my travels
Through the lowest of the highs
And speak of my nights
Without the yellow in my eyes
But till then...
Tucked in gutters once again
The trash ridden streets of Union Square
And I...

Scotty Jun 12

Dare to open my coffin, kid?
Well you best carry that cross with you
Use the thing just to pop the lid
Inhale that death till the cough hits you

As for the scars beneath my ribs?...
Well you could just say those are remnants
Heart aches
Heart abused
Broken and misused
The cause of death seems to be evident
I spent most my life chasing angels in the skies
But my love was never meant to be heavensent

So are you sure you want to dance with this half hearted bastard?
I only step well with the wicked
Heaven couldn't seem to close it's gates any faster
And as for hell...
Well I've already lived it

Splitting skin
The itch sinks in
Through the bones
Breathing slows
The drift begins
I disconnect
I lose my head
All gone to sky
I lose my soul
Lost all I know
Somewhere in the lows
Of high
Clouded eyes
The addictions
These pills
Are digging holes
Through stomach lining
The heart screams
Ever so softly
Even a metronome
Couldn't fix
It's off beat
I ask for help
But the devil
Just calls back
Using cc syringes
To sign his contract
My soul is
Beneath my feet
My heads up in the sky
Searching for
The lowest lows
Just to feel
The highest highs
And a high inside
I did find
Blinded by
Incandescent light
It bathed and cloaked
My entire world
Now numbed
And cold
But safe
And whole
I needed to drop
I needed to sink
Before I could
Ever reach peak
Potential is now
Past tense
Needle in hands
I signed
My own death
For one last taste
And one last breath
Of the only thing
That I have ever known
As love
Inside this flesh

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