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Jun 2016
And what of your hopes
and all of those dreams?

“I wrote them on the bathroom wall”

We were new and drunk then
There was no ecstasy of light
Nor agony of night
Just the grey in between

I saw you again
A century ago
Down by the river
trying to wash all your sins away
your ******* formed high and round
seducing those poor, fractured souls

In the cutting sky
And the splitting clouds
The brutal death
And sweet rebirth
Life after death
After life

Open your new born eyes
What do you see?

You never meant to fall at Hadrian's Wall
the stones made gleaming
Worn through a million treacherous days and nights
10,000 bloodied soldiers fell for you
though such a death was harsh
the gateway through hell was wicked
You never meant to go so ruthlessly

Now what of your hopes
And all of those dreams?
Did you write them on the bathroom wall?
Words of a prophet
Lost in translation

You remind me now
A thousand years later
A few years older

When you were rooted deep
your branches reaching farther than the sky
Shading those Kings and their Queens
They didn’t know
How could they
I made my nest inside your chest
You didn't want more
Heaven it seemed was easy
As easy as a soft breeze on a warm summer’s night

I tried to hold you in your pain
but you cracked your core
and broke your limbs
When you fell
I released you to river Jordan
She took you quickly
And left me on the bank

I saw you in a dream not long after
Might have been a thousand years ago
you simply waved
No long goodbyes for us
They never were

My eyes are not the same
Remember when we loved?
Our passion raised
lips parched and bleeding
From the hunger and the wanting

I’ll wait for you on the other side

Never could live as long as you
But long enough it sure has been
And good enough it seems to me
My hopes and dreams are gone for now
Written Somewhere on a bathroom wall
Rosy Kay
Written by
Rosy Kay  Toronto, Canada
(Toronto, Canada)   
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