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May 2016
We spend our days searching
searching for a home
a sound
a feeling that we're not alone
we think thats we've found it
but once we settle in
it doesn't last the time it took to put our bags in
"home is where the heart is" is what we often hear
but to the heartless it most likely seems to be clear
the homeless ones are the ones who stay inside...
there's a whole world out there
why are you trying to hide?

Our home is in the movement
in running at midnight
it's the quietest sound of grass
when you walk barefoot through sunlight
it's the laughs that weren't planned
it's the putting down your phone
where you truly find home

I found home in a person who spent their energy lying to me
thought it was fun to hear the stories
see how energetic they could be
but once it was time to move
i didn't take pity
i don't regret
leaving my worst friend chloe

Now my home is in rehearsals
in the book i plan to write
in the words of those who care
and in my parents
it might be spite
but thats alright
for the time being
because i can be alone
until 2018
when i find a new home
2018 is when i plan to be emancipated. i hope all you lovely people out there find a moving home, because life is movement, don't miss it.
Written by
Riot  Pennsylvania
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