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May 2016
“I can fix that”
Glares out from the glowing screen
As if your lack of a relationship is a problem.
It’s because of people like you
That I’d rather be alone.

“I can fix that”
As if you’re an object
Broken and in need of repair.
There’s nothing wrong with me;
I’ll repeat it ’till it’s true.

“I can fix that”
And you start to think,
Maybe they’re right?
Maybe there is something wrong,
Maybe I should give it a try.

“I can fix that”
Drills and bores into your brain,
How nice being normal would be.
But I can’t be fixed; not by you,
Not by anyone.

“I can fix that.”
That leering smile etched into your mind,
As you shy away from the touch.
Can’t you understand me?
I. Don’t. Want. Y.ou.

“I can fix that.”
You want to scream; you’re not project,
Not an object, not broken.
*Or at least I wasn’t broken,
Until I met you.
[only partially based on real events]
Written by
Prodigy  Vulcan
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