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May 2016
A terrible thing is happening to me
You're breaking and entering, trespassing,
I try to stop you but I am powerless.
As you violate me I take my mind elsewhere.
Far off places, happy thoughts
"Just think happy thoughts"
As you hurt me.
I see myself as a little girl, playing Chinese checkers with my grandmother
She laughs at how I try to cheat
And makes me a grilled cheese with tomatoes, my favorite.
Her memory is gone now though. I hope this memory of you taking my innocence can be deleted from mine.
It hurts so much now and I tell you to stop but you just keep on going. And going. You don't care. Nobody does.
Maybe my grandfather is looking down on me, he'd **** you if he hadn't killed himself first.
I think about taking my own life when this is over.
I open my eyes and there is the highway next to us. I try to slip away into one of the cars, people going home, somewhere warm and safe, please take me with you.
I'm a little girl again in my backyard, playing on the swing set, my mother is cooking inside and nothing bad can ever happen to me. The world is good and I am happy.
I'm screaming and I start to cry.
I'm a tree falling in the woods. No one knows I'm there. No one hears me slamming into the cold ground. No one helps me up.
It's just you and me and you are the definition of evil.
An awful thing happened to me today.
Tara J Williams
Written by
Tara J Williams  Miami
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