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Apr 2016
The fleeting, yes, my heartโ€™s desire

the barely-there, a wraith

Ephemera, whispers on the wind,

impermanence my faith.

I tremble before the eternal

faced with natureโ€™s stand

Beneath a soaring mountain,

being scoured and withered to sand.

In the shadow of mighty forever

I teeter above the abyss

Toes inching and sending down trickles

the landslides remind me of this.

I sleep in perfect hollows

and cut my teeth on bone

The glory of calcification

rolls in my mouth, I am home.

Cascading the ones gone before me

throughout my own blood by their dust

Absorbing a lifetime in seconds,

turning my fillings to rust.

Temporal consumption thus rendered,

my heart winds to stillness sublime

How quickly we flash to our endings,

how rapid the animal time.
Miss Tabitha Devereaux
         Nadia, Ben Palomino, S Olson, Ken Pepiton, Sophie and 6 others
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