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Feb 2016
Open arms
Like a friendly invitation
Calling me in
Drawing me closer
Wrapping around me
Squeezing so tight
Tight around my neck
No breath
They let go
Choke back my tears
I accept
Hug and make up?
Nod of my head
Familiar hands on my back
Blind sided
Falling for the trick
Falling on my knees
Begging please
Hand me a bandaid
Stick it on my back
Tell me it's all better
While there's blood running
Running down my back
Pooling at my feet
But we pretend
Pretend it isn't there
Like we don't see it
Oh what good actors
Great actors we are
How could we possibly ignore
The life slowly seeping
Out of me
Written by
     Glass, Weeping willow, David, Nicole and Maddie
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