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Feb 2016
Daddy why don't you love me?
Is it because i look more of 'her'?
Is it because i am a reminder of what has gone and will never return?
Everyday i see a father hold his daughter dearly,
With so much affection and love,
And then i look at us.
Is there even an 'us' anymore?
Was there ever an 'us' to begin with?
Why daddy why?
Why must you push me away?
Cant you see daddy? i'm hurting too,
I smile for the sake of you, reminding you that i'm here,
That i'm here to share your grief with and morn over our lost,
But why daddy why?
Why must you scorn at me with such raw hate?
Cant you see daddy our numbers will never add up
You lost one.....................................
But I've lost two.
i was never daddy's little girl although i never hated him for that, the more he pushed me away the more i was drawn to him, the more i craved for his fatherly love, but still i wait here patiently to notice me as his daughter and not the plague.
Written by
Sisilia  In a broken world.
(In a broken world.)   
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