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Feb 2016
I leave this place.
The clouds of humiliation hang heavy,
drenching my naked skin.
The air damp with shame.

Looking back at the town
called worry and torment.
My naked form ridiculed and put in stocks
as the towns folk aimed their best.
My time was served
for no crime that I committed.

And I am now leaving.
To wander the hills and woodland once again.
To find my peace.

My rucksack now packed with my hopes,
like Lambas bread.
A small cake of it
would feed a grown man for a day,
even with a hard march ahead.
I know there are many in my bag.
Enough to last a lifetime.

My water skin filled with laughter,
drinking deeply to quench my thirst.
I know the clear springs I find
will fill my bottle to the brim.

My dreams are worn about me,
as the finest cloth,
To give me warmth at night
and to hide me from my foe.
Their colour indiscernible,
neither grey nor green.
The soft Hithlain hangs about my shoulders
clasped with a broach of comfort.

I wear my friendships under my garments,
keeping them close to my heart.
As strong as Mithril.
And just as beautiful.

My map shows the way to happiness,
just over the horizon.
Away from this town.

The sun shines through the trees,
showing me the way.
The only thing I can trust is that it will rise in the east
and will set in the west.
Everything else will be met with caution.
A lesson well learned.

My heart is light,
my mind clear,
I know the way ahead will be led
only by my own footsteps.
Walking barefoot to the new lands that await me.

waving my map...


I love Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'..
Just read 'The Hobbit' for the second time.
Now reading 'The Fellowship of the Ring' again...
'The Two Towers' next!!!

One day I will be brave and read 'The Silmarillion'

When life gives you lemons, keep 'em, because hey... free lemons.!!

Little Bear
Written by
Little Bear
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