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Jan 2016
I must forget
The softness of
Your skin against mine
I must forget
How delicate
Your lips are
I must forget
How you like
Your neck kissed
And how
You make my
Do backflips
I must forget
How bright
Your eyes are
I must forget
All the nights
We spent
Exploring each other
Like new lands
While are hearts
Ohhh man
Why must I forget
All the percious
Time we spent
Talking til sun rise
So many butterflies
Fireworks in your eyes
Ohhh me ohhh my
You made
My soul want to fly
But I must forget
So my sanity
Can stay at
Or above 10
Because days without you
Feel so blue
Even when
I'm surrounded by yellow
I can't help
But think of you
So I must forget
Because living
With the memories of you
Just ain't cutting it
I need You to love me
And this is why
I must forget
Written By: C.R.
Written On: 1/28/16 @ 12:31am
Camaury Robinson
Written by
Camaury Robinson  Atlanta, GA
(Atlanta, GA)   
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