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Jan 2016
Born with
An ugly body

Nothing I can do

12 turns to 1
And then to 2

There is no will
The emptiness is here!

A world full of nothing
And I find it quite queer

A part time worker
An early morning jerker

If I am ever kicked out
Of here

I will live at the park

And I can tell you
I'm a bit of a ***

And isn't it fun
Being so lazy
Lying in the sun

That guy
Chased some
Invisible dream

A lifetime
Sitting in an office
What misery it seems!

I do as I want
I do not care

God will not fix
My body
So there

I'll have things
My way
Each and every day

Just a body
That lays about

I want to scream
I want to shout

Loving women
Where are you???

They are nowhere near me
I should get a clue

Destined it seems
To live life alone

And so I write
This misery poem
Written by
Matt  34/M/Los Angeles
(34/M/Los Angeles)   
     am i ee and Joyce
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