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Jan 2016
i will party all night dear, all night dear all night dear

i will party all night dear,  and there is nothing stand in my way

except for the realistic freaks realistic freaks realistic freaks

i want to party all night and not worry about bad things

i like Jimmy Barnes jimmy barnes jimmy barnes

he is a great singer, dude and he sings a great song

go the might of the sydney swans yeah they are the greatest yeah

i will party every night, to make you feel great

i will drink lots of champagne and lots of coke because i am cool

i am the coolest dude in canberra mate i have enough brains to make ya feel great

i feel like partying all night and all day long

party party party party party party al the body day long

i wanna put barnesy on for a party, and that is what i wanna do

partying is great and it doesn’t matter to me how many people are at the the event i am cool

i am cool enough for a party a party a party

i want to beat that drum and play them loud

send them off to an imaginary crowd cause my imagination is great mate

party all ****** day, and move on oh yeah

i don’t listen to adults mate saying don’t do that don’t do this

i just humour them and do what i wanna do because i am ****** cool man, eat my shorts

i wish to buddha that people would say that i am pretty cool

i wanna party party party all day long to barnesy, real loud

i don’t care if i have to stand up at concerts cause i am cool man

i am cooler than anyone i wanna really party

i don’t want to reform, i want to party to jimmy barnes on australia day

i am not there to cause trouble, i am just the coolest dude in canberra

party party party party party all ****** night long dude

partying is my middle name, my second name is control and control means

i am too cool for the yellers, cause i don’t want be yelled at, i am sooooo cooooool dude
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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