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Jan 2016

What are doctors? Doctors are people who make the most important decision of their lives to truly choose to dedicate themselves to the care of others. A humble and honest creature that knows in this world full of love it is up to them to recognize that love.  Doctors are not Gods nor healers. They are care givers willing to spare an unbearable amount of time to help solve ones heath problems by finding solutions that will truly be able to help a person in need. However, to finding solution, to finding cures and bearing the pain that they see in every patient that they meet, they find a remarkable vast amount of joy. So what make them choose to become caregivers??
It's simply because they know that their job brings sheer of benefit and transformation to genuinely shaping their own life as they find the true meaning of life when they help others get better from a deadly disease or from a fractured bone to removing a malignant tumor from a brain. That is why they do this. They do this because they want not to be acknowledge when finding a cure but, they understand that, giving makes them feel like they're living and that every human's life is worth the same and worth saving.
Tania Crocker
Written by
Tania Crocker  Australia
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