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Tania Crocker Feb 2016
The world is finite with human,
But you only truly care bout a handful of those human,
And within those amount of handful people,
You have like about three or four best friends,
And only one you really thought was your perfect fit,
The one you pour out your heart and soul,
You fears and virtue,
Your hopes and dreams,
Your ***** secret,
But trust no one,
I mean it; no one,
Because eventually all will fail,
Even that one person you pour your heart out,
Will fail,
So trust no one,
Only yourself.
Tania Crocker Feb 2016
When Benjamin Franklin left independence hall just after the second drafting.
He was approach by a woman on the street and the woman said;
"Mr. Franklin, what manner of government have you bequip us?"
And Franklin said;
"A republic ma'am. If you can keep it."
The responsibility of a country is not in the hands of a privilege few.
We are strong. We are free from ternary as long as each one of us remember his or her duty as a citizen. Whether its to report a *** hole at the top of the street or lies in the state of union address.
Speak up!! Ask those questions!!
Demand that truth.
Democracy is not a free ride man, I'm here to tell you.
But this is where we live.
And if we do our jobs, this is where our children will live.
God bless it.
Tania Crocker Jan 2016
Sometimes I wonder what the person;
I will spend the rest of my life with,
my soulmate,
is doing at that very moment.

What are they like?
Where do they live?
When will I meet them?
How old are they?
Who do they hangout with?
What do they look like?
Are they happy?

And in these moments I can understand the magnitude of fate.

Tania Crocker Jan 2016
The love I once had for you, never went away.
I still remembered all the feelings I had;
The butterflies in my stomach when you walked by,
The awkward smiles when our eyes met,
The dreamy enchanted stares that happen as I gush about you to my friends,
The detail of your face, your skin, your touch, your lips.
The way you dribbled the ball across the court, so strong, so light, so flawless,
The way you read a book so intensely when we were 12,
The moment your hand move swiftly yet ferociously when playing chess,
The day you looked at me for the first time and smiled,
But after all these years and now we're 20,
You still dont really know me,
You still dont know who I am,
Just my name,
A name that pops by every 25th of December in your phone,
Sometimes I wonder what goes through your mind when you see my name.

Tania Crocker Jan 2016
When home isn't;
a place,
but a person,
that's true love.

Tania Crocker Jan 2016
Dont fail me now; feet,
Bring me to the finishing line.
And that's when we'll celebrate.

Tania Crocker Jan 2016
If you look back;
On life,
On your life,
You're not the same person,
You'll never be of yesterday,
Never will you be;
You're constantly changing,
Every moment,
Every season,

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