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Dec 2015
By: Cedric McClester

Three years since Sandy Hook
Yet a mother still cries
Because memories live on
And the pain never dies
But little has changed
You begin to realize
Seems we haven’t learned
What we should despise

Twenty children and six adults
Murdered that day
Amid the screams and shouts
But it wasn’t the guns
So the NRA flouts
In the aftermath of chaos
They’re casting doubts
In between the tears and crying bouts

Nine hundred and ninety-four
School shootings since then
So we must ask ourselves
Will it ever end
Or what will it take
To make it suspend
Having more guns
Isn’t the answer my friend

The pursuit of life and liberty
Is an unalienable right
While that well may be
It’s probably a right
That we won’t get to see
As long as we allow
Bullets to fly free
We lose our lives and our liberty

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2015.  All rights reserved.
Written by
Cedric McClester  New York, New York
(New York, New York)   
       Weeping willow, Mouthpiece, sktdck, NV, --- and 7 others
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