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Dec 2015
Maybe it's time to forget about it all-
to forget about all of the things I felt when it was only you.
To forget because it's all still there, and I don't know what to do about it. I can feel it burning through my eyeballs toward every person that catches my stare, and projecting toward them an unwanted story of how I fell in love with no chance to stay afloat. I still hear the Aria of which is your song still ringing in my ears rendering me deaf to every song my heart would love to sing, every other my heart would love to hear. My mouth still fights to lose your name that was so frequently upon my lips. I find it still moves in silence mimicking the same patterns and forms through the muscle memory I procured from each time I would call your name the way you loved so much. When I sit alone and inhale the still and the quiet through my nostrils I swear I still feel your touch, and the way your fingers would dance and glide along my skin. I never knew my senses would come to betray me as much as the present had allowed, and I found there is nothing more I can do than forget. I feel I am better with the thoughts of you, better with the after images that your presence left behind. But here I will start again, and if a monster I become may I hope to be mute, deaf, unsightly, blind, and hopelessly awaiting to step off the cliff in to the fathomless abyss that is your love once again.
Rurus Incipere (Latin)- To Begin Again
Marquis Hardy
Written by
Marquis Hardy  Peachtree Corners, GA
(Peachtree Corners, GA)   
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