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Nov 2015
You're always being surprised by people;
Maybe if you didn't have fixed opinions
and twisted pictures of them mentally
their actions wouldn't always confuse you.
We're not one-dimensional and it's about time
you reconstructed your perception
of people with the addition of new facets -
See people aren't always your first thought;
so give me a chance: realise my ability to
empathise, remind and recognize
both our weaknesses.
If you'd shatter this reflection and only see
the complex connections of the soul
perhaps my imperfections would be
forgotten in forgiving eyes.
Though if I always aimed lower,
I'd either pleasantly surprise you
or not disappoint you, so go ahead,
think badly of me - at least I can always
meet these expectations.

(C) 27/11/15
Courtney L
Written by
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