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Nov 2015
Everyone has pain
Troubles they hide
Things they deny

That girl
Who is hardly 16
Has a baby on the way
And hears every hateful thing you say

A boy of 17
Being pushed from his home
For reasons unknown

The girl you call emo
Has a mental disorder
And feels nothing but hate

The skinny girl
With scars on her arms
She feels all alone
In her broken home

So many problems
Everyone has something
They wish would dissapear

One thing that needs to be clear
Is we ALL have problems
We all shed tears
We all laugh
We all scream
We all whisper
We all have something in common

It's called being HUMAN
Something inevitable
So we all have problems
But we've all got loved ones
People who really care
Fellow Poets, don't let others bring you down. Whether its about your poetry, drawings, singing, sports, acting, etc., don't let them take it from you. You do you. These problems will only make you stronger. A small bump in the road of your life. Don't forget that. I promise, from one human to the next, it gets better.
Written by
Phoenix  23/Agender/United States
(23/Agender/United States)   
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