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Nov 2015
When I was 4
my folks would say
I was born a human fireball
I graced the presence of the
people in my hood with
rhythmic movements of dance.
5, 6 ...
I never grasped into the knowledge of music, until
I played some neo-soul records
in my aunt’s home
was it love that I was developin’?
or a passion I was embracin’?
or both? only God knew.
Literature came to light as
I was 7, always in my phase
of knowing the unknown.
Teen spirit fever
causing a ravishing sight
in my 13 as I opened my eyes to the beauty behind art.
15 was my age for
my spirit to fit in
creative waters flowing from within
the deepest ocean of my heritage.
I am 17 now, with poetry as my sightseeing forest, freedom in the cultivating mantra of peace,
a peace of mind causing refinement in the living of my soul.
I am 17, an artist,
ready to sanctify my heart and
awaken my generation
in the path enlightened
with wisdom and love.
17 is a new era.

#art #creative #divinity # evolve #free #happy #life #love #mind #peace #poetry #soul #spirit #thoughts #words
Written by
Elijah  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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