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Oct 2015
mesmerized by the collected way you talk to me
how your lips no longer speak into me across paled skin
i slowly lower my lids
i leave this ?time? i travel back
***** wooden floors gravel drives *** smoke empty bottles love made flesh bruised lips bleeding i travel BACK
i see your eyes the metallic glare behind them
in my arms you were soft
is that why in the night i couldn't hold you?
composure is everything !be vulnerable for me!
you're hard you've been stamped on by the feet of god
crushed into powder bone dust compacts you wear it inside you
you wont let me feel it wont let me see
i tried to consume wanted to drink you up eat your beautiful flesh
i didn't heed the warnings i ripped through you hungrily
you have a *******
a pit like a peach
shards of my teeth lodge there
you cast me aside collect the molars as a keepsake
had i known i would have swallowed you whole
and carried the blackness in me
carried your love always eternally unceasingly in me
Emma Hill
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Emma Hill  417
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