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Oct 2015
Told a friend ,"You should be proud man.." - his art's inspirIng.
Meanwhile I've been worried about a better job hiring
Haven't been on stage, or even really creating,
but i feel inside the times are finally changing.  
Rearranging my brain to drain the mundane and reignite the flame.  
I was born equipped with the tools made to manipulate the terrain.
In one hand, a mic, guitar and an 8track recorder.  
The other is three million excuses from a temporary bruised disorder.  
The decision is easy when Eye leave my mind behind and lose it.  
I smile knowing I've come alive again because all of life is music~

Frustration fueled isolation, not knowing I needed help
Then, the invocation of motivation brought me outside the self.
We're all swimming, free to choose how far you delve
& With thought we consciously cast our spells
The arrows in my marrow point to the magician in tarot,
Bring to light your intent, but please be careful.
Full of care, dare to share, life is rare
So don't compare, or be scared to bare
For you are as fluid as the elements in the air
Pull up a chair and stare into the flesh of the intricate infinite
Dissolve the walls, and embrace the colors of your breath while you sit with it.
The time is now, no need to fret over simple chores.
Instead I will lose myself in the moments between guitar chords
My cup has always been full, but i was once too fearful to pour
Spilled my words which illuminated a new path to explore
interpret the purpose as you will, the choice is yours
Perception can bring out heaven, or one hell of a storm
Not limited by norms Eye see eyedeas take form
Currently graced with space I have come with faith to create a life we can adore.
You've always held the key, and once you believe, you can open up the door

Written by
RyanMJenkins  30/M/MKE,WI
   Sumina Thapaliya
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