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Oct 2015
My Valued Muse

Can I call you my home?
As home is where heart is,
Shield to my tender wants,
The ****** of my inner thoughts.

Can I call you by my name? As name publicly identifies,
My tag, in every good or bad,
You chose to happily claim.

Can I call you my investment? As investment is for future security,
Planned and evaluated carefully  
No regrets, I venture capital  happily.  

Can I call you my achievement?
An achievement I am  proud of,
To open sky, I announce quite often,
Loud and clear your
Goals are met

Can I call you my heart?
As heart is the regulator of all
One's thinking and actions,
Without any change of outer being.

Can I call you my body?
As miles apart, I bleed from a cut,
One you experienced whilst cooking,
My body forever linked to yours.

Can I call you my public officer,
As you announce my name in parts unseen,
Fame simply from being a disciple of love,
My name you broadcast to thousands.

Can I call you my book?
With chapters and pages,
Organized with my attitude and silly wits,
Chapters in a storyline that carries my act.

Can I call you my Iife?
As every possession of yours is valued,
As dear to me in every way,
As it is to you ... My existence  rests with you.
Β©Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali
Written by
Perveiz Ali  Kashmir, India
(Kashmir, India)   
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