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Oct 2011
Watchmaker, Watchmaker, make me a watch.
Make time go slower but never let it stop
And speed up the ticking when the going gets rough,
‘Cause to me all this trying it’ll never be enough.

A smothered cry
The sands of time
Leaking through a crack in the hourglass.
Just my luck,
The sands of time
Will only last as long as they last.

Watchmaker, Watchmaker, make me a watch.
Make me a new one ‘cause I don’t like my clock.
The minutes seem to crawl by, but only when there’s pain,
So all this relativity is driving me insane.

With shocking speed,
The sands of time
Pressing down and putting out the flame.
Don’t let me lose
The sands of time
Flowing ‘tween my fingers like the rain.
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