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Oct 2011
Whether fair or foul or heavenly or untrue,
Masses a diet for worms when all is adieu.
For upon the midst of the greatest Summer's day,
The dirt and earth should these worms prey.
And One to bestow the earthly urges to move and intrude,
So upon the soils does such enter heavenly ****.

For one deemed predator invades 'tis earthly scheme,
The soil beneath may shudder or tremble or merely scream.
But how'st one to know whether the worms scream not,
Though, truth is, that worms only concern to soil's plot.
But if left upon the sun should such shrivel and die,
For such are bound to the soil and deemed to be inside.
Interpretations are below, please read in order as they are very different from one another:

Interpretation 1:
Whether the soil is good or bad or heavenly or not,
Everything is the same for food for a conference of worms.
In the middle of the hottest of summer days,
The dirt and earth are but prey to these worms.
To move and to intrude are but worm instincts given by God,
Therefore, upon the soil do they do such things.

And when these predatory worms penetrates the soil,
The soil beneath may shudder or tremble or even scream.
But how do we know that these worms feel no pain?
We do know however, that their only concern is the soil beneath.
And if left out in the sun, worms will shrivel and die,
For they are worms and are bound to the soil, forever to live inside.

Interpretation 2:
Whether we are beautiful or hideous or kind or ****,
We are all equal as food for worms when we die.
And in the midst of the summerΜ“s day,
We are but dirt for worms to prey upon.
God has bestowed us with earthly features to move about,
But once in the soils, we are given heavenly features and stripped **** of the earthly.

For when the predators invade us in the earthly soils,
Do we feel the pain and shudder, tremble, or scream?
How do we know whether worms are reluctant to consume the dead?
We do know however, that it is their instinct and only concern.
If we try to hold upon our earthly features, we fade away and never grasp the heavenly,
For earthly features are bound to the earth and deemed to forever stay.

Interpretation 3:
Whether women are beautiful or hideous or heavenly or a cheater,
In the end, they are all but a subject to fulfill the diet of men'sΒ Β worms
And in the midst of the hottest urges and desires of men,
Their worms serves as nothing but a predator to the no-thing of women.
God has bestowed their worms with the urges of movement and intrusion
And so upon women must our **** worms induce its instincts

For when their predatory worms penetrate the no-thing of women,
(no-thing a pun on the Elizabethan use of "nothing" as slang for ******)
They may shudder or tremble or feel merely pleasure,
Do they know if their worms feel too the pleasure the no-thing feels?
Who cares? It is the action and not the no-thing that their worms concern.
And if they terminate the action, their worms will shrivel and retreat,
For they are bound to action and only urge to be inside.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
   --- and victoria
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