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Aug 2015

for Sjr1000
and his proffered invitation


delve and dive,
smack lip tasting each line we drop over the side,
as if it each worm is a new word
first time heard
or ever  écrit

explicate and parse
the shape, the portent,
looking for the double mystery,
the wisdom and the plaisir of two minds cojoining

our poems, indeed,
every one a  product of a stainless steal shiny can of worms,
so strikes me when,
that fishing trip day est arrivée

the worms will be of the glo variety,
whom when pole dipped,
will be like chocolate treats for catching poetry fish,
to rapture capture new reciprocity recipes

share and delight,
comparing size,
whose is most luminescent, tumescent,
whose poems will taste most délicieuse

men fishin n' writing male bonding, stainless steel strong, a men friendly completion competition,
you bring the worms in a cancan,
I'll bring the cannes à pêche^

they'll accuse of being heinous poets turned into
to which we'll laugh responding in unison,
for sure, bien sûr!
^fishing poles
SJR 1000
This really got me thinking, a couple of immediate responses. On the prospect of reviewing, the image that comes to mind is standing in the bathroom, when you can line up the mirrors, one in front and one behind, until our reflection finds infinity.

On our attempts, though written about fishing, by applies to our poetry as well: The joy of fishing is
the pursuit of the elusive but attainable, a series of occasions for hope.

Your volume, thick or thin awaits, stories told by a knowing soul.

Go for the gold, Nat. It'll make all the neuroses worth it.
John Buchan wrote the quote, the charm of opportunity for a perpetual series of occasions for hope...
Nat Lipstadt
ReplyNat Lipstadt
When we going fish in' ?
Nat Lipstadt
Reply Nat Lipstadt
That is a famous image of the post war French existenialists; Camus Je pense
Nat Lipstadt
Reply Nat Lipstadt
Can't express enough how much your caring and delving deep means to me.
Reply Sjr1000
We're just going to have to open one more can of worms.
Nat Lipstadt
Written by
Nat Lipstadt  M/nyc
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