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Aug 2015
As soon as I saw you I saw the lightning aura around you
The neon letting you flow from within
Properties of gadolinium are an excuse
A magnetic principle is what I say
Amazed at the oxygen that flows from your being
Yet shocked at the purity of life you support around you
Your smile like rubidium
Turning the light around you into energy
This helps fuel my inner battery
Which is possibly lined with lead
I'm able to feel the strong calcium within your body
Which is large enough to create multiple bones and beautiful shells
So perfect that you can go with anything gold
Which is why any jewelry is lucky to be yours
But your reach of perfection is further
As you go with any tellurium
Any coloring that's seen within a stained glass window
Just on you will make you look angelic
But to me your beauty is nothing but bromine
Nothing but *poisonous
Going back to the type of poet I truly am. A love poem that utlilizes elements and their uses in the real world.
Written by
Talon Robinson  24/GA, USA
(24/GA, USA)   
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