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Jul 2015
Growingupagirl, I was taught that I shouldn't like cars, or superheros, or sports. I should like Barbie's, clothes and makeup.

#Growingupagirl, I was taught that if a boy teases or bully's you, he obviously likes you. So you should let him. Don't stand up for yourself.

#Growingupagirl, I was taught to never trust a stranger. Everyone was a potential kidnapper or a ******.

#Growingupagirl, I was told to always be back before dark otherwise I could end up dead in a ditch.

#Growingupagirl, I was told not to wear any revealing clothes otherwise, I would "provoke" a *******. It's completely my fault if I get *****.

#Growingupagirl, I was told to take catcalling from men twice my age as "compliments".

#Growingupagirl, I was told that periods are something that should be kept a secret. God forbid a boy ever found out.

#Growingupagirl, I was taught that I needed to look like the girls in the magazines and the TV.

#Growingupagirl, I was taught that you should dress up to impress boys.

#Growingupagirl, I was told that my main goal in life should be to get married to a man and have a family and be a housewife. Not pursue my own dreams. Not make my own money.

#Growingupawoman, I like whatever the hell I want, and don't care about other's opinions.

#Growingupawoman, I learned to never take anything from anyone. Always stand up for yourself.

#Growingupawoman, I realized that I shouldn't be taught to fear men. Men should be taught not to be rapists.

#Growingupawoman, I learned not to be scared half to death whenever I'm walking alone. I know how to defend myself.

#Growingupawoman, I wear whatever the hell I want. How is an article of clothing, "provoking"? Men need to learn to control themselves.

#Growingupawoman, I realized catcalling is completely degrading. Never take it as a compliment.

#Growingupawoman, I realized periods are a natural thing that have happened since the beginning of mankind. Never be ashamed. Be proud.

#Growingupawoman, I know that I need to accept myself. I don't need to be a dainty, scrawny little thing to be beautiful.

#Growingupagirl, I know that I don't need to impress anyone. If I want to dress up, and feel pretty, I'm doing it for myself. No one else.

#Growingupawoman, I may not know what I want to do with my life yet, but I know it's more than being a cute little housewife. I have so much potential. I know I do. I'm a woman. I don't need a man to swoop in and save the day. I can save the day myself. I can be anything I want to be. It'll just be harder, since we live in a male dominated world. But that's okay. I love a good challenge.
Andrea G
Written by
Andrea G  SomewhereOverTheRainbow
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