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Andrea G Jul 2015
Growingupagirl, I was taught that I shouldn't like cars, or superheros, or sports. I should like Barbie's, clothes and makeup.

#Growingupagirl, I was taught that if a boy teases or bully's you, he obviously likes you. So you should let him. Don't stand up for yourself.

#Growingupagirl, I was taught to never trust a stranger. Everyone was a potential kidnapper or a ******.

#Growingupagirl, I was told to always be back before dark otherwise I could end up dead in a ditch.

#Growingupagirl, I was told not to wear any revealing clothes otherwise, I would "provoke" a *******. It's completely my fault if I get *****.

#Growingupagirl, I was told to take catcalling from men twice my age as "compliments".

#Growingupagirl, I was told that periods are something that should be kept a secret. God forbid a boy ever found out.

#Growingupagirl, I was taught that I needed to look like the girls in the magazines and the TV.

#Growingupagirl, I was taught that you should dress up to impress boys.

#Growingupagirl, I was told that my main goal in life should be to get married to a man and have a family and be a housewife. Not pursue my own dreams. Not make my own money.

#Growingupawoman, I like whatever the hell I want, and don't care about other's opinions.

#Growingupawoman, I learned to never take anything from anyone. Always stand up for yourself.

#Growingupawoman, I realized that I shouldn't be taught to fear men. Men should be taught not to be rapists.

#Growingupawoman, I learned not to be scared half to death whenever I'm walking alone. I know how to defend myself.

#Growingupawoman, I wear whatever the hell I want. How is an article of clothing, "provoking"? Men need to learn to control themselves.

#Growingupawoman, I realized catcalling is completely degrading. Never take it as a compliment.

#Growingupawoman, I realized periods are a natural thing that have happened since the beginning of mankind. Never be ashamed. Be proud.

#Growingupawoman, I know that I need to accept myself. I don't need to be a dainty, scrawny little thing to be beautiful.

#Growingupagirl, I know that I don't need to impress anyone. If I want to dress up, and feel pretty, I'm doing it for myself. No one else.

#Growingupawoman, I may not know what I want to do with my life yet, but I know it's more than being a cute little housewife. I have so much potential. I know I do. I'm a woman. I don't need a man to swoop in and save the day. I can save the day myself. I can be anything I want to be. It'll just be harder, since we live in a male dominated world. But that's okay. I love a good challenge.
Andrea G May 2015
I miss you.
I miss your smile, illuminating everything in its path.
I miss you embracing me, and the feeling of security.
I miss the familiar scent of you.
I miss our late night talks, feeling like I was the only thing that mattered to you.
But alas, you're gone now.
The only things left of you, are memories.
Memories that I hope to never forget.
Memories that are slowly starting to fade.
Now and then I ask, did you really ever feel the same?
Do those moments we spent mean to you what they meant to me?
Did you really ever love me the way I loved you?
Did you spend every minute of the day, wondering what I was doing?
Did you wake up, and fall asleep, to the thought of me?
Our time together, was sadly limited.
You're with her, and I should have known that I'd never even stand a chance.
There's nothing I can say, there's nothing I can do.
All I can afford to do, is sit here, and think about how much I miss you.
Andrea G May 2015
Every night, before going off to bed,
I lie down, and reflect on all the things I've done, heard, and said.
Have my words affected peoples lives?
Have my actions, changed how I'm viewed peoples eyes?
Am I still self conscious about the things people have said?
Do I still think I'm fat or think that I'd be better off dead.
Am I still just a whiney little girl?
Will I actually get somewhere in this world?
Will I ever be loved?
Or will I continue to be pushed around, bullied and shoved.
Yes, I've heard some pretty nasty things in my day.
But now, I've learned not to listen to what people do or say.
I know exactly who I am inside.
I've been depressed it for so long, but now, I refuse to hide.
I love myself, in every possible way.
So, for now, I drift asleep, and hope that tomorrow will be an even better day.
Andrea G May 2015
Let's face it. This world has changed.
These new fads, 50 years ago would seem deranged.
Sure, we've changed for the best, but also for the worst.
If you aren't born beautiful, you think you're cursed.
They care more about your shoes, or the way you're dressed.
We used to be expressive, now we barely express.
No wonder more and more people claim to be depressed.
We care way too much about the way we look, we're obsessed.
Suddenly, you aren't cool if you didn't get at least 500 likes.
You can't tell one girl from another, they all look alike.
What happened to being original, being yourself.
This should matter more than your appearance or your wealth.
Suddenly, you aren't okay with who you are anymore.
You get tired of it all, so you slam the door.
Ads telling you, 'You're way too fat if you aren't smaller than  a size three.'
Or, 'Buy one diet pill bottle get the second on free!'
What ever happened to beauty being more than skin deep?
Girls being so concerned with that one pesky pimple, that they're losing sleep.
This isn't just girls anymore, but also guys.
They don't enjoy themselves, but little do they know that time flies.
So much pressure, put on them to be the perfect Tumblr boy.
That's cool but where's the joy.
Society has taught us that it's no longer acceptable to love who you are.
Don't you think that we've gone a bit too far?
You aren't beautiful if you're not skinny as a twig.
If you eat a lot, you're considered a pig.
Religion telling you that God doesn't love you if you're lesbian bi, or  gay.
When will they learn that you can't choose who you love, that you don't have a say.
More and more people are committing suicide.
All because they were scared to share what they felt inside.
You have no idea how many people I see with cuts on their arms.
Is this the new trend, To self harm?
Look around you, don't you think enough is enough.
Stop judging each other, and learn how to love!
Can't we just accept one another's flaws?
Stop following the rules that society draws.
You think you're gay, That's great!
You should be able to date whoever you want to date!
You're a little bigger than the other girls?
Don't be shy, own your curves!
You just can't seem to get those abs?
There's so much more to you than that.
I don't expect everything to be fixed today.
But only until everyone's accepted, only until then, will everything be okay.
Andrea G May 2015
Her dad wasn't around much, and her mother never cared.
She was worn down, broken beyond repair.
Her brother introduced her to alcohol and ****.
Was this really the life that she would lead?
Would she turn out to be just like her dad?
If her brother was doing it, it couldn't be that bad.
With no real home, she took to the streets, selling drugs, selling herself.
Going through all this trouble all in hopes of someday having a better life, having wealth.
What could she do, she knew of no other way.
She didn't think about what people would think or say.
Popping pills every day and every night.
She tried to stop, but her addiction put up a fight.
She became someone she didn't even know anymore.
Did it matter? No. Everyone just referred to her as the neighborhood *****.
Rumors started spreading, such as that she had STDs or that she'd '**** for a buck'.
She tried to control it, but she had no luck.
They kept on teasing, but they had no idea what her story was.
Is it okay to bully someone just because?
She started to self harm.
Cuts all over her legs, cuts up and down her arms.
She'd lost all her friends, so all alone she sat.
What'd she do if someone were to notice the cuts? She'd blame the cat.
Things only got worse with her dad now beating her at home.
No one ever saw the bruises, she was all alone.
Suicide started to lurk in her head.
Each deep, dark thought bringing her closer to her death bed.
They were there when she woke, slept, ate. All those rumors, all those lies bringing her to this self hate.
Those cuts were no longer just nine or ten.
Her life was ****, why shouldn't it end?
Cutting deeper, with tears streaming down her face.
She knew it was time to get out of this awful place.
She tied a rope around her neck and stood on a chair.
No one would miss her, no one would care.
She looked up, as she took her final breath.
Her mother finds her child hanging lifeless, and wishes she could fix this, but its much too late, for now, the girl's in the arms of death.

— The End —