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Jul 2015
I loved you and you loved me.
But our love turned toxic and dissapeared.
It did hurt at first but I am over it now.
And I don't grieve the lost of our love no more.
Cause beauty can grow from pain.
And after destruction there is place and time to create.
What is broken can be fixed again.
But only when it is worth the time and effort.
When not, we still have the memories to build on.
And beauty can grow from pain.
After the fall we can rise again.
Stronger and wiser than we were before.
And that is why I don't grieve what we once had.
It is dead now and made place for new life.
More beautiful and than what was before.
This is why I don't grieve us falling out of love no more.
Storm Raven
Written by
Storm Raven  The Netherlands
(The Netherlands)   
   Dylan Barrett and Jenn
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