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Jul 2015
I told myself to not to do it anymore
But there's this voice inside my head
Telling that I should do it
Because I deserve it

There's a fight in my head
Battling if I should do it
Thinking that It's a sin
And thinking that somebody cares

But the other voice was powerful
Dreadful flashbacks started to play
The memories of being useless occupied my mind

Months ago I thought that I was okay
But now the feeling is back
The feeling of being eaten by the darkness and the feeling of being down

The depressing thoughts was the only thing that's in my head
All the words are replaying,
making me do it.

I'm sorry but I know it,
I know that I deserve the pain

- r.m // 10:21 AM
Amethist Jude
Written by
Amethist Jude
   Jim Musics, James Marcro and NV
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