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Jul 2015
Excuse me if I write my style,

Excuse me if I shoot a smile,

Towards your direction,

I can't help but question what went wrong,

And excuse me if I stare for too long,

I guess it's true, what I said about you being so beautiful,

And every time I write a love poem it hurts,

Like a thousand needles stabbing me at once,

But the one that hurts the most is the on that shoots my heart,

Cause I remember the time we said I love you,

I remember the late nights, with some but not many verbal fights,

It was like, we were on a cloud in flight,

Moving just right,

And every night I say it to myself,

I lost the most precious thing I ever gained,

And you took a chance with me, to let us be,

But I guess another go is too much to ask for,

But know I still think of you, still dream of you,

But if I can't get you back then this thing I felt was not real,

Will soon be,

Cause i am here and your not next to me.
Written by
Ray carty
       Charles, NV, Just Me, Cecil Miller, GH and 6 others
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