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Jun 2015
i'm not stupid enough to believe
that everything lasts forever
and that nobody ever leaves
because i've seen it happen
so many times to me

everything i've ever had to let go of
has claw marks on it

but the thing is, i'm fine with that:
with things changing
with people leaving me
i guess i just came to terms
with the fact that that's life

but the one thing i don't think
i can ever handle
would be losing you

i think it would wreck me to pieces
i think it would leave me so devastated
that it would be like tearing my heart right out of my chest,

because i think i'm in love with you
and i don't even care about losing anyone else

you are all i've ever wanted.
Written by
Miriam  Metro Manila
(Metro Manila)   
       AFJ, FA12AMstorm, ---, Antoinette Arnuld, NV and 15 others
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