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Jun 2015
Joyously across the arrays, a fair damsel doth I see,
A simple glimpse westward enchants a crimson rose*,
Calmly resting 'pon her gentle hair which dances free,
Quivers the solemn earth as angels from unseen caverns arose.
Until then shall the heavens and earths kiss by Horizon’s light,
Entangled in gifted words, gallant arts, and scientific notions,
Leave then I to question thy heart for which β€˜motions bedight,
Incorporates weak instruments that draw impending emotions,
Nearing what once fated Time had long put out to sea,
Endearingly ends then our simple tale, for that of which is fair, is seized.
A poem on a fair damsel who is not single. Extra notes on symbolism, purple rose*.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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