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Jun 2015
Hello 1 o'clock, or good morning if you will. Not really good, more of a why?
Not really a should, more of a cry for help, as it seems, my insomnia is playing tricks on me.
1 o'clock; when I lye in bed thinking of all the things I should've said.
Why do you talk about her like you've known her for years? Water escapes from my eyes resembling fear. And why do you talk about all these other girls as if they're the ones who are giving you their love? It makes me so upset, when push comes to shove and I tell myself I should just shut up, but you make me want to never stop. Because you act like you listen and you say that you care but these words are repeated to every feminine ear.
It's not my fault you were born a charmer, it's my fault that, I wear your non protective love as armour.
I'm such a fool, but a fool who wants to fall for you.
Jealousy runs through my veins more than blood, oxygen is substituted with the love drug.
You make me feel like I'm enough and nothing all at the same time, you bring a presence of butterflies to my stomach.
I wish 1 o'clock would stop it.
Jenna Morcombe
Written by
Jenna Morcombe  England
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