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May 2015
so sick of the media hype
got drones whatching over
watching what you type,
heard a runner for the big job say,
if you were thinking about joining,
the dark side,
he'd **** you with a drone ray,
no trial, no qualms,
no lawyer, no Psalms,
they'll **** you
if it looks like you "might"
get blood on your palms,
who reads minds to see?
when did we lose democracy?
Since when did the land of the free,
become the land of the huddling masses,
and afraid,

I'm not drinking the cool-aid.

Media tells you what they want you to know,
keeps you scared at night,
so you'll go where they want you to go,
so you buy what they want you to buy,
fills our young minds with propaganda and mis-info,
Wake up America,
you still have rights,
wake up America,
it's not about blacks or whites,
wake up America,
land of brotherhood,
don't trade your rights,
for fabled comfort,
from dark knights,
stand up as brother and sister,
stand up as Mrs. and Mr.
and together make your voice be heard,
before it's too late,
before its too late,
Is that a drone or is that bird?
shhh don't speak so loud,
you might be heard.

(c) dm 2015
(Lindsey Graham, recently noted when it comes to terrorists: ā€œIā€™m not going to call a judge. Iā€™m going to call a drone and **** you.ā€) This guy is running for office?

This to me is not how the America I grew up in should work. What happened to people having the right to a fair trial? This guy running for president is a joke. Anyone who thinks they are above the law, should not be above the people, because it means they will lord over you.
David Montgomery
Written by
David Montgomery  Montana
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